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Real Life Earth Bending Like The Avatar in Unreal Engine 5

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Unreal Engine Tutorials

Earth Bending, unreal engine 5, Visual Effects

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Learn how to Earth bend like the Avatar. In this tutorial we use After Effects for camera tracking and Unreal Engine 5 for animations.

Earth bending in real life

Bending the elements in real life still remains a dream of ours. And with our recent water bending video, we are already one step closer to fulling our dreams. And that’s the beauty of VFX, you can become whatever you want, even the greatest Avatar the world has seen.

Real Life Water Bending

And recently a new VFX door has opened up, Unreal Engine 5. This game engine software gives us unlimited VFX power, we can literally do anything we want in our videos. For example earth bending, which we can do in Unreal Engine by combining Real footage and photorealistic 3D assets.

Unreal Engine 5

The Unreal Engine 5 version is finally out! We already had access to a early version, but this was quite buggy. So we are super happy that the full new version is finally available and ready to use. And believe us, it’s really worth it to try out if you are interested in VFX and 3D.

Unreal Engine 5 World Demo
Unreal Engine 5 World Demo

We already used Unreal Engine to create fictional environments, transform ourselves in titans and so much more. So you can see that the possibilities are endless, making VFX easy. And the best thing about it, is that we can work in real time with photorealistic 3D assets, all for free. So go ahead, install it and have fun.

Attack on Titan Transformation
Attack on Titan Transformation

Full Sail University

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