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Realisticly FLY like SUPERMAN with Unreal Engine 5 + After Effects

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Unreal Engine Tutorials

after effects tutorial, superman, unreal engine 5

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Learn how to fly like superman as seen in the superman mod from the matrix in this unreal engine 5 tutorial video.

Unreal Engine 5

Lately we have been exploring a ton of different ways in how to incorporate Unreal Engine 5 into our workflow. It’s an amazing tool to create sets if you don’t have the budget to build one or time to head over to a location.

In this weeks video we recreated an old but famous effect, Superman flying through the air. You probably picture him now flying in a city between all those high buildings. And that is exactly where we got stuck. Where we live you don’t really have city’s like that. Next to that its very difficult to even fly in a city with all those drone laws. So that’s why we went for unreal engine to have full control.

Instead of creating a city ourselves, we opted to download a free city project from unreal itself called Matrix Awakens. Its a realistic looking city with a ton of simulations so that your city looks alive.

Matrix Awakens project
Matrix Awakens Unreal Engine

Particular Red Giant

We also used After Effects to enhance the feeling of going very fast. This we did by creating those vapor clouds behind the feet and hands. It’s something very cartoonish but if you keep it subtle it still works for more realistic effects.

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