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Realtime 3D Video Production is here! (Unreal Engine Tutorial)

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Unreal Engine Tutorials

The mandalorian, unreal engine, Virtual Production

Cinecom explores Unreal Engine in their video production workflow. We performed a real-time green key and live camera tracking through a self-built world environment.

Future of filmmaking

The Filmmaking world is constantly improving. People become better at their skill, better gear and equipment, innovative software’s, bigger budgets, etc… But on of the things that stuck out the most recently is Virtual Production. This is creating a mix between your physical environment like a greenscreen setup where your actor act and a digital environment like a 3D world.

Unreal Engine

In todays video we used Unreal Engine who are also todays sponsor. They offer a free to download game engine which is the world’s most open and advanced real-time 3D creation tool. We were able to create a virtual desert and see it live while shooting Jordy on our greenscreen. The virtual background also moved together with us giving us the ability to frame up the shot however we wanted. This worked because we attached our VR controller to the camera which gives it the possibility to track it real time.

Green Screen Virtual Production
Virtual Product with Unreal Engine

Unreal Engine also get used for bigger productions like The Mandalorian for example! Here they used a big volume where the 3D world was projected onto. So the camera could directly record the virtual background with the actors without going to post production, making the background an in camera effect. Another BIG benefit is that the projection also gave accurate light and reflections of the scene. Something that normally requires some time to achieve.

The Mandalorian Virtual Production
Changing set background
The Mandalorian Virtual Production
Big overview of the set with LED volume

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