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How to rig anything

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Unreal Engine Tutorials

3d modelling, 3d rigging, character rigging, modelling, rigging

Learn how to rig any object with easy to use tools. In this tutorial video we show you how to get any model, rig it and how to animate it.

Why is rigging so complicated?

Rigging is challenging because it involves creating a functional framework that allows 3D models to move naturally. This demands a deep understanding of both anatomy and technical aspects. Rigging requires precise placement of joints, thoughtful weight distribution, and setting up control systems. Achieving seamless movement while avoiding distortions requires a delicate balance between artistic insight and technical prowess. Consequently, rigging often demands a fusion of creativity, physics, and software expertise, making it a complex yet essential aspect of 3D animation and modeling.

3D rigging saviours

Recent advancements in 3D animation have introduced tools like Mixamo and AccuRig that ease rigging challenges.

Mixamo offers an online platform with a library of pre-made character rigs and animations. It automates rigging by analyzing proportions and generating functional rigs with animations, reducing manual effort for simpler projects.

Mixamo Character Rigging
Character rigging inside of Mixamo

AccuRig, a more advanced tool, combines quality rigging with user control. It uses advanced algorithms to create rigs with natural movement and deformation, allowing customization. This balances automation and creative input for both beginners and experts.

These tools reflect the industry’s push for accessible 3D animation. While they expedite processes, understanding rigging’s fundamentals remains important for complex projects and personalized results.

Advancements in other 3D Aspects

3D scanning has transformed modeling by efficiently capturing real-world objects in digital form using lasers, cameras, or sensors. This technology collects millions of data points for precise 3D representations.

Unlike traditional modeling that starts from scratch or uses references, 3D scanning rapidly generates accurate models from existing physical objects. This speeds up the process and ensures faithful reproduction of real-world details, textures, and dimensions.

Toy soldier being scanned
Toy soldier being scanned

Furthermore, 3D scanning bridges the physical and digital realms, allowing replication of real objects in virtual environments. Industries like entertainment, gaming, architecture, and product design benefit from importing real-world elements with minimal manual work.

3DMakerPro SEAL

The 3DMakerPro SEAL scanner features high-precision scanning which allows you to capture fine details of objects. It also features the powergrip enabling you to use this scanner on the go. And all of this can be outputted in the most widely used 3D file formats OBJ/STL/PLY, supporting immediate application or further creativity.