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5 Tricks you don’t know about Unreal Engine 5

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Unreal Engine Tutorials

Beginner, Tips and Tricks, unreal engine 5

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Learn about 5 super easy tricks in Unreal Engine 5 that every beginner should know in this tutorial video.

Hello there, Unreal Explorers! Ever had one of those “AHA!” moments? You know, the ones where you figure out that super cool hack that makes your Unreal Engine project look, well… unrealistically awesome?

If you’ve ever been stumped by the sheer realism of some Unreal Engine graphics, this blog post is for you! Grab a cuppa, and let’s dive into five of my favorite Unreal Engine tips for beginners. Oh, and we’re doing all this on the jaw-dropping MSI Creator Z-seventeen H-X Studio laptop. (Because why not work with the coolest gear, right?)

Magic with Unreal Engine 5

Okay, confession time. I’m hopeless at sculpting. But guess what, heightmaps are here to the rescue! A heightmap is simply a grayscale image that portrays altitude. Bright areas represent high peaks and dark for the lowlands. Simply import a heightmap when creating a new landscape in Unreal Engine, and just like magic, you’ve got a picture-perfect terrain.

Using Height Maps
Using Height Maps

I absolutely love the Quixel library for its model and material collection. But what if you’re stuck with a wall that’s only got one side? No stress! Go to the material applied to your mesh and hit the ‘two-sided’ option. Bam! No more sneaky light making its way through your walls.

Ever had a 3D model that doesn’t fit quite right? Don’t trash it – tweak it! Fire up the modeling plugin and use options like ‘pincut’, ‘lattice’, or ‘pattern’ to make your model fit perfectly.

Is your ground feeling a little flat and lifeless? The ‘displace’ option in the modeling mode is your secret weapon. It uses the blue channel of an ARD texture file to create a 3D landscape, making rocks pop and blend perfectly with the ground.

Ground displacement in Unreal Engine
Ground displacement in Unreal Engine

Want to bring realism to your camera movements? Say hello to the ‘camera shake’ blueprint class. Tweak the amplitude and frequency settings for location and rotation, and you’ve got camera movements that mimic real-life shakiness!

MSI Creator Z17

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