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16 Things You Can do to SPEED UP your EDITING COMPUTER

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Video Editing

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Learn how to speed up your workflow, editing computer and Adobe Premiere Pro / Adobe After Effects with these 16 tips & tricks.

Video Editing is Slow

Video editing programs are heavy tools for your computer. They eat a lot of resources and definitely when you’re working with effects. There’s nothing worse than choppy playback and having to wait forever on your render.

The best solution is to buy a new computer, preferable the most expensive one there is. Unfortunately, that isn’t always an option. We’re gonna have to do it with what we have.

On the flip side, there are many settings and options we change to make programs like Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects work better. Together with some other workflow tips, we could make things go little faster.

Change your Workflow

Don’t expect the unexpected from your computer. It needs time to process your visual effects, which could feel very slow. But if you change your workflow a bit, things might actually feel faster.

A couple of new features in Adobe After Effects are speculative previews and multi frame rendering. Both of these features will drastically improve speeds and rendering time. Although, if used correctly.

Take care of your Computer

If you want your computer to run fast, then take care of it. Don’t install programs that you don’t use or look fishy. Keep your hard drives clean and your software up to date.

If you have an Nvidia GeForce GPU, you can install Studio Drivers from the GeForce Experience app. These are designed for creative tasks such as video editing.

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