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5 FREE Apps Every Filmmaker / Video Editor Needs to Have

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Video Editing

apps, Filmmaking, Video editing

5 Free IOS & Android Apps every Filmmaker or Video Editor needs to have to speed up their workflow and fill their creativity.

Filmmaking Apps

You know that saying; ‘there’s an app for everything’ ? Well, it’s true! There are many apps that help filmmakers and video editors in their workflow. So for this video I tried out 5 different apps, which were surprisingly very useful.


We’ve covered Milanote in a previous video when we edited Loki in Star Wars. It’s basically a web app allowing you to create boards, notes, labels, assign tasks and much more. It’s an amazing tool to collaborate on creative projects, but also to keep everything organized for youself.

Their app, which is available for both IOS and Android, syncs with the web version. The app is pretty limited, but it’s great to check your boards and make minor adjustments on the go.

Frags Macro Deck / Touch Portal

Ok, this App is gonna open a whole new world for you! You can connect your phone to your computer and use it as a macro deck. This means that you can create your own buttons with custom icons and link them to certain actions. In Premiere Pro this translate to performing edits, labeling your clips and much more.

Frags Macro Deck
Frags Macro Deck

The app is also available on IOS, but not free. That’s why I came up with Touch Portal for IOS. It’s not as advanced, but it’s free 🙂


I know, Storyblocks is our sponsor. But I believe they deserve a bonus spot on the list! Storyblocks is an ever growing library of video effects, VFX, templates, presets and high quality stock clips.

You can download unlimited video assets for a single price per year. I highly recommend it to every creative!

Mark Clapperboard / DSLR Clapperboard

You don’t need to buy a clapperboard nor use your hands. If you want a better workflow and show off more professional on set then use a clapperboard app. Mark for android is my favorite as it doesn’t come with all those bells and whistles nobody uses.

For IOS there’s only DSLR Clapperboard which is worth it. It’s free, but it comes with a ton of features we usually don’t need.

Sun Locator / Sun Tracker AR

If you’re shooting outdoors, it’s important to plan ahead to be at your location at the right time. This way you can make sure the sun is at the right location, giving you the best possible lighting.

Shot Designer

Another must have app for filmmakers! Shot Designer allows you to sketch out your scenes by placing your talents, lights, props, etcetera. It goes super quick and will make your products go a whole lot smoother. The app works on Windows, Mac, Android and IOS!

Shot Designer
Shot Designer

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