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QuickTime security issue: How to keep your codecs

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Video Editing

Quick Tip, Quicktime, Video Codec

With the QuickTime security problems, we can’t use codecs like Apple Proress and Animation anymore. A big problem for video editing. But we have a solution.

A couple of days ago, Trend Micro (a software security company) recommends all Windows users to uninstall Apple QuickTime from their machines. The reason for it is because Apple will no longer provide updates for it’s Windows video player (Mac users will still get updates). You can click here to read all the technical details.

At first it doesn’t seems like we will be needing the Quicktime player. There’re many alternatives like the opensource VLC player. But unfortunately it’s not that simple. Quicktime also comes with many video codecs that us video editors need to process our clips. One very populair codec is the H.264, which is being used as the number one standard for recording and publishing video. Fortunate Adobe has implemented this and many other codecs in their installation.

But why worry then? Well, some codecs aren’t supported by default within Adobe Premiere Pro or After Effects. Those are the Apple Proress, Animation and DNxHD. Some codecs that we do wish to have. Especially Apple proress and it’s an industry standard.

I did some searches and came across a very easy solution. It seems like the QuickTime player is the only security problem. So if there’s a way to delete the player but keep the codecs we’ll be fine. And thanks to a program called “QuickTime Lite” it is. After uninstalling QuickTime from your Windows Machine, you can download and install QuickTime Lite (link can be found bellow the video).

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