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Video Editing Skill Test: Are You (actually) Good?

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Video Editing

Adobe Premiere Pro, Editing Tips, Tips and Tricks

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Test your Video Editing Skill Level with 15 tips from beginner to professional in this Adobe Premiere Pro tutorial video. Are you good enough?

Editing Tips

As an editor you are always looking for new ways to improve your skills. Which is of course a good thing, because you always need to learn something new to be the best version of yourself. But sometimes I also find it frustrating. With all the software updates and trends changing rapidly, you sometimes don’t have time to perfect that specific editing skill or style.

You can’t stay behind and have to follow the stream. Often leaving me with the feeling if I’m good enough as a professional editor. A curse every creative struggles with I guess. And that’s why we decided to create a list of 15 tips which serve a test for editors. You can test yourself to see what skill level you’re at.

Video Editing Tip With Expanding Markers
Video Editing Tip With Expanding Markers

Bonus editing tip

A tip that didn’t make the cut, but still is one of my most used techniques and also a game changer for improving your editing speed. Using proxies, I know it sounds silly and you already heard of it. But I can’t mention it enough! Premiere Pro and After Effects will playback so much smoother, making your editing process faster and less frustrating.

I even do it for the VFX shots we make. We here at Cinecom shoot with a RED camera and for some reason my After Effects decide to hate RED files. Meaning I can’t even playback our footage. So each time creating VFX, I’m working with proxies and it made my life so much easier. So I recommend it for everyone, do yourself a favor and use proxies.


Big thanks to Storyblocks for the support on this video. Their community driven library always help us to find something perfect every VFX shot. Take back creative control with Storyblocks’ unlimited royalty-free stock library and tools today.

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