LOOK: 10 Creative LUT’s

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10 Creative LUT’s for any video editor. From popular teal & orange looks to noire and grunch. These creative looks can instantly set the right tone for your film project.


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Video Pack Information

This free video pack comes with 10 pre-color graded looks on the REC 709 color profile. The LUT’s are saved to .cube files to ensure better compatibility among different video editing applications. Eccentric styles and creative color grading looks. Made for the standard REC 709 color profile. Compatible with most modern video editing programs.

Pack Details

  • File Type.cube
  • Download Size380.6 KB

Compatible With

Adobe Premiere Pro Adobe After EffectsDaVinci Resolve Final Cut Pro

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How to Use

Installing or using LUT’s depends on the video editing program you use. Most of the time it’s gonna be a setting within you color correction tools. We highly recommend searching for “how to use LUT’s in … ”


Do I still need Color Grading with a LUT?

It is almost always necessary to apply a primary correction before the LUT in the image pipeline. You may need to adjust white balance, tint, exposure, contrast, and saturation before adding the creative LUT in order to make it look natural. For example, this can be done in Premiere Pro Lumetri using the Basic tab.

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Are you using the video pack with the intention to make money? Then buy a premium license. Are you making a video and want to show it to your friends? Download the personal license.

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A license is bound to the person or entity that buys it. You may use your download as many times for an unlimited time. However, you cannot give or sell your license to someone else.

I don't see the option to buy a Premium License

Some Video Packs are made using free assets (ie. fonts) that are not allowed for commercial use. Therefore you will only see the option to download the Video Pack for personal use.


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