ICELAND: 4K Cinematic Stock Video Pack

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A beautiful collection of high quality stock clips in 4K resolution of Iceland. This pack contains 99 video assets shot on SLR and drone in a LOG color profile.


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Video Pack Information

The Iceland Cinematic Stock Video Pack features a curated collection of 99 video clip shot on both SLR and drone in a LOG color profile and at 4K resolution. This pack provides a unique visual experience of Iceland's natural beauty, showcasing its majestic landscapes, crystal clear waterfalls, glaciers, and geothermal pools, all captured from different angles and perspectives. The SLR footage is shot on Panasonic V-Log and the drone on DJI's D-LOG. The pack includes high-quality footage that is ideal for a wide range of projects, from travel documentaries to commercials, music videos, and more.

Pack Details

  • SLR Videos48
  • Drone Videos51
  • Resolution3840 x 2160
  • SLR Frame Rate25 FPS
  • Drone Frame Rate29.97 FPS
  • Total Download Size7.79GB

Compatible With

Adobe Premiere Pro Adobe After EffectsDaVinci Resolve Final Cut Pro

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How to Use

The videos are MP4 files captured in the H.264 codec. This means that these can be imported into any video editor.

All videos are shot in a LOG color profile. This gives the most flexibility for color grading. You can start off with a basic REC709 LUT that transforms the color to a natural contrast and saturation.
You can download the official Panasonic REC709 LUT for the SLR shots and the official DJI REC709 LUT for the drone shots.


What is a LOG color profile?

A log color profile looks very flat, but has a wider dynamic range of colors and brightness levels. It allows for more flexibility during post-production color grading.

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Some Video Packs are made using free assets (ie. fonts) that are not allowed for commercial use. Therefore you will only see the option to download the Video Pack for personal use.


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