Industrial Lights Pack for Unreal Engine 5 (free sample)

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A realistic high-resolution photo scanned round ceiling lamp that gives full control to the end user. Change the light intensity, the color or enable flickering. A simple to use blueprint for Unreal Engine 5.


Pack Type

Asset Pack

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Video Pack Information

This is a free sample, offering 1 light, from our complete pack which includes 10 different industrial light fixtures!

The lights are scanned using a high resolution photo camera, giving the most realistic and detailed results. From the included blueprint you can change the light intensity, color or enable flickering which can be viewer in simulation mode or when rendering a movie.

Pack Details

  • Light Fixtures1
  • Size 126 MB
  • Supported VersionUnreal Engine 5.2 or higher

Compatible With

Unreal Engine 5

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How to Use

Simply unzip the ‘Round_Ceiling_Lamp’ folder into the ‘Contents’ folder of your Unreal Engine 5 project. Then open your project and locate the light fixture bleuprint. Drag the bleuprint into your scene and use the details panel to control the light.


I imported 'Round_Ceiling_Lamp' into my contents folder, but in Unreal Engine the folder seems to be empty.

The adjustable lights have been made for Unreal Engine 5.2 or higher. Importing these in a project with a lower version will result in an empty folder. Try to upgrade your project to 5.2 or higher.

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