ULTIMATE EARTHQUAKE – Preset Pack For Premiere Pro & After Effects

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Simulate an earthquake effect or add heavy camera shake to your videos. This preset pack comes with 6 earthquake effects for Premiere Pro & After Effects which you can combine to create your own unique style!


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Video Pack Information

A free video pack that comes with 6 pre-animated presets. Included are 3 base effects to create an Earthquake. You have the option to chose a gently shake, a pulsation shake or a heavy shake. On top of that you can combine extra effect to give your earthquake a unique look. You can mix lighting effects, fast zooms or rotation shakes. The presets are made for both Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe After Effects!

Pack Details

  • Premiere Pro File Type.prfpset
  • After Effects File Type.ffx
  • Presets6
  • Download Size72 KB

Compatible With

Adobe Premiere Pro Adobe After Effects

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How to Use

Adobe Premiere Pro

The presets for Premiere Pro are packed in 1 file. To install, simply go to the ‘Effects and Presets’ tab. You can right-click on ‘presets’ and chose ‘Import Presets…’. Then select the downloaded preset and click OK. You’ll now find a folder named ‘ULTIMATE EARTHQUAKE’, which will contain 6 presets that you can drag to any clip.

Import Presets in Premiere Pro

Adobe After Effects

The preset effects for Adobe After Effects are stored in separate .FFX files. You need to place these into your Preset folder in the Adobe After Effects installation.
The path to the presets folder on Windows looks like this: C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe After Effects 2023\Support Files\Presets

After that you can open Adobe After Effects and find the presets back in your Effects Libary under the Presets folder.


How do I create custom looks?

Combine different presets to create your own unique earthquake look. Only combine presets with different front letters. For example: “A – GENTLE SHAKE + B – LIGHTING SHAKE”. Don’t add two presets with the same front letter to the clip.

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A license is bound to the person or entity that buys it. You may use your download as many times for an unlimited time. However, you cannot give or sell your license to someone else.

I don't see the option to buy a Premium License

Some Video Packs are made using free assets (ie. fonts) that are not allowed for commercial use. Therefore you will only see the option to download the Video Pack for personal use.


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