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We made our FIRST Virtual Production MOVIE!

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Unreal Engine Tutorials

Short Movie, unreal engine 5, Virtual Production

Today, we’re diving deep into the world of virtual production. Specifically focusing on how we used Unreal Engine to create a short movie. This isn’t just any short film though, but a captivating tale of the Untold Story of Apollo 18.

The Power of Unreal Engine and Virtual Production

First, let’s take a moment to appreciate the power of Unreal Engine and virtual production in modern filmmaking.

Unreal Engine, created by Epic Games, is a powerful game engine that has transcended its original purpose. It’s now widely used in various industries, including film and TV production. Its real-time rendering capabilities, combined with advanced tools for physics simulation, lighting, and AI, make it an ideal platform for creating lifelike virtual environments.

Virtual Cowboy Saloon made in Unreal Engine
Virtual Cowboy Saloon made in Unreal Engine

Virtual production, on the other hand, is a film production method that utilizes these virtual environments. Combining live-action footage with computer-generated imagery (CGI) in real-time. This allows filmmakers to visualize complex scenes and environments on set, dramatically enhancing the creative process.

Building the Moon

Unreal Engine’s landscape and terrain tools allowed us to sculpt a detailed and scientifically accurate lunar surface. Using NASA’s lunar surface data as reference, we created the moon’s rugged terrain, complete with craters and rock formations. Unreal Engine’s powerful lighting and shading tools helped us achieve the moon’s distinctive harsh shadows and glowing horizon, creating a convincing lunar environment.

However we also combined this with practical effects. We bought over one thousand kilograms of sand and made a fake lunar surface in our own studio. this way we could have real-life interactions with the terrain and our astronaut. Giving us the most realistic moon look we could make.

Jordy on the moon in our Studio
Jordy on the moon in our Studio

Creating the Shortfilm

The result is a short film that not only tells a moving story but also demonstrates the power of Unreal Engine and virtual production in filmmaking. It’s a testament to how these technologies can bring stories to life in ways previously unimagined.

We hope this journey has inspired you to explore the possibilities of virtual production and Unreal Engine in your own filmmaking process. Stay tuned for more exciting explorations into the world of film technology here on Cinecom.net.

Remember, in the world of filmmaking, the only limit is your imagination. Happy filming!