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5 Camera Hacks using your Strap

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Cinematography & Filmmaking

camera hacks, Camera Strap, Creative Tuesday

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Take your stabilization and transitions to the next level with these 5 simple and fast Camera hacks using the strap. Making professional shots on a budget with only your camera and a strap.

Hello, it’s Hackerman speaking and you know what time it is! It’s time to hack our camera with illegal software. No okay, it’s really Yannick here. Sorry for the bad joke! But we are going to hack our camera, with some simple and fast tips by just using the camera strap. Most people remove the strap right away after buying a camera, I did the same. But actually you can do some cool things with your strap that can replace expensive equipment.

You are all probably wondering why we are doing all those hacks. Well I can’t deny that hacks are super popular and they just score because they are short, informative and fun to watch. I guess the fame of the trend can be blamed on the famous life hacks. These hacks can make your life easier by doing something simple but clever with household objects. And this is exactly what we do in our hack videos. We use the camera and some cheap accessories to create stunning and professional footage. So you can expect much more hack videos in the future. You can always let us know in the comments below which ones you would like to see!

And before I forget, Happy Easter! I hope you got a ton of chocolate and eggs.


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