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5 Simple Camera Tricks for Action Movies

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Cinematography & Filmmaking

Action movie, Camera Movements, Cinematography, Filmora

5 Creative camera tips to shoot Action movies. Learn how to create cinematic camera movements for your next action film in this easy tutorial video.

Hey Guys, I’m writing you from the past. As you all probably know by now, we are currently in the end stages of filming our short movie. If everything went correctly and we are still following the schedule, then today is our last day of shooting. And now that I think about it, our shooting schedule is so tight and strict that this has to be our last day of shooting. No room for errors, as our writer Eric Toms is going back to America tomorrow and our actors also have other jobs. So let’s hope that everything went okay and every shot is as perfect as in our head. But I can already say that the time has come to get excited about an epic short movie.

However now it’s time live in the present, to live in the moment, in the action of it all. Just like in our video of today, where we are explaining 5 Action camera tips. I think we can all say that action movies is the most popular film genre. With super hero movies sprouting left and right every week. At the moment there are more then 20 Avenger movies from marvel. So We can really say that the are a success and in high demand. And most of the time they use returning camera movements that are common to action scenes. Well we analysed these for you and explained some of them.

Marvel Action Scene
Captain America


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