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5 Creative Tripod Tricks for video

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Cinematography & Filmmaking

Creative, Tricks, Tripod, tripod hacks

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Take your film tripod to the next level with these 5 cinematic tricks. In this video you will see different creative ways to add motion to your camera shots.

Making good video is not about the equipment you have, but how creative you can be with your existing equipment. And a tripod is usually the first thing you get after your camera. So in this video we’ll have a look how we can take the most out of this.

Jordy shares 5 creative tricks to achieve some cinematic camera movements without having to buy anything else. With some creativity we can somehow recreate the effects of a steadicam, jib/crane or even a low flying drone.

We’ll be looking at two tripods in this video. The film tripod and the photo tripod. Both have their advantages and disadvantages.

  1. The first trick is where we’ll re-create the movement of a jib or mini-crane. Or at least when using the jib close to its axis point. What we’ll do is push the tripod forward on two legs. While doing this try to tilt and perhaps even pan.
  2. The idea of a basic steadicam is all about weight. When there’s a weight pulling itself down, it will reduce the swinging on the top (our camera). Flip your photo tripod upside down and grab the extension arm. Your footage will have to be flipped in post.
  3. Okay, don’t expect a high flying drone here, but rather a low flying one. Just extend the legs of your tripod and put the legs in a certain way in your hips so that they sit stable. Then hold the camera above your actors head and follow him around.
  4. Here’s a fun and creative way to add a 360 spin movement to your camera work. Tilt your head 90° so that it points to the sky. Then lay your tripod on a chair and sit on it for better stability. Now just turn the pan 360° around
  5. And finally the selfie shot (before it was cool). Point the camera to yourself and put the legs into your hips. Now run around to make a very interesting follow shot that was used in various big films.
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