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5 Easy Tips to Stabilize your Camera

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Cinematography & Filmmaking

5 Tips, Camera, stabilize

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Shaky camera shots are not always wanted. We can try to fix it in post, but it’s better to get it right from the start. See 5 tips to stabilize your camera.

Many of you asked us how to deal with shaky footage and if there’re any tips to reduce that hand motion. Ideal you want to grab to professional gear like a tripod, camera rig, steadycam or gimbal. But not everyone has access to that, which is why we came up with 5 tips that only requires some household stuff we all have laying around.

But why not fix it in post you say? Adobe Premiere Pro has a great plugin called the Warp Stabilizer. It does a very good job, but it always comes with some conciseness. To start with, you image quality will decrease as the plugin has to zoom and crop into your video clip in order to rotate it for its stabilization. The second problem is distortion. Like the name says it will warp your video clip, resulting sometimes positive. But when you footage is too shaky, you’ll see the scene look very strange.

So that’s the reason you should get it right from the start, while you’re filming. Saying “we’ll fix it in post’ might save you some during during the production, but believe me, you’ll lose a lot more time in the post production. And usually the results will not be same than if you would taken a little more time during the shoot.

While this tutorial video covers 5 easy tips to stabilize your camera, it all comes down to one principle: you want to lock your camera in place. if you’re holding the camera, you want to lock you body. And if you’re putting it on some surface, you want to make sure that surface or object is locked. That also counts for moving shots, there always has to be at least one ingredient that will help locking the camera. Even if that means pulling it down by gravity like in tip number 3.

Let us know in the comments below: do you have any other tips to share?

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