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5 Editing and Camera Hacks

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Cinematography & Filmmaking

Bullet Time, camera hacks, editing hacks, Fly Like Harry Potter, Hyperlapse, Infinate Zoom, premiere pro

5 Super Easy video hacks you can do right now! In this tutorial video we show 5 video editing and camera tricks  that are simply created in a few moments.

You probably all know Instagram and Facebook. It would be weird if you didn’t. But if you do, you all have seen these cool videos on social media where it looks like people are flying or really small and jumping into a glass. Well these are all editing and camera illusions or hacks or whatever you want to call them. They are quite simple if you know how to create them. And that’s where we come in, we took it to ourselves to explain you 5 hacks we thought you absolutely should know. So let’s dive into the wondrous world of editing and camera hacks.

I’m not going to explain all of them because otherwise the video would be unnecessary. So that’s why I choose me two favorites, starting with the Bullet Time. Here You have your subject in the middle with you camera pointed at her. What you then do is move your camera in a circle around her or him and let her do something. For example let them jump up and down with every step you take to the side. In post production you can then edit the video so that it looks like you are turning around your subject while they are in mid air. Easy no? A fun fact about this technique is how it got the name, Bullet point. The technique was first used in the matrix when they did the famous bullet dodging scene with Neo. Hence the name, Bullet Time.

Bullet Time
The Matrix

The other cool hack is the Hyperlapse effect. You probably all seen a hyperlapse passing by on YouTube or any other social media platform. And you all figured out that it was done with photos. You are all correct on this one, but there is more to it then that. Because if your want a smooth Hyperlapse you have to pay attention to your framing. So when you start doing a Hyperlapse, you want to focus on a certain object in your frame. Then when moving closer you want to keep that object on the same position as the previous photo and so on. In post production you can then adjust your frames a bit more so the all match each others position, add a stabilizer to it and boom you have a awesome Hyperlapse!

If you want to see a cool channel with amazing Hyperlapses, definitely check out FilmSpektakel. They create some insane videos with nothing but Hyperlapses! And of course check out the Watchtower of Turkey. One of the best editing pieces I have ever seen and also has Hyperlapses. Double win!

Hyperlapse of New York


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