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5 Filmmaking Mistakes to Avoid

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Cinematography & Filmmaking

Be a Filmmaker, creating Tips, How to create, learning, Life lessons, Life tips

Top 5 mistakes I’ve done during my filmmaking career. From gear purchases to production choices and camera mistakes, avoid these things to become a better filmmaker.

Screwing up is human and everyone can make mistakes. And believe me, we make a lot of mistakes. More then should happen, but we also gain some positives out our mistakes. You probably hear it a lot that you need to learn from your mistakes and take lessons from it. Well this is completely correct. It’s perfectly okay to try something new and fail, even failing hard is fine. But afterwards you need to analyse what went wrong and try to do better the next time. I know it all sounds like a corny life lesson. But out of our experience I can say that this life lesson can really improve your work and growth as a creator. You don’t need expensive gear to be a better creator, you just need to be open to new things and willing to learn.

Don't be afraid to fail

My Own Mistakes

Okay enough life lessons for today, now I just have some wise words for you in the form of tips. Personally I made many mistakes when filming. And one of them is being to shy to ask feedback. And with this I mean asking feedback from complete strangers. We all have created something and asked our friends and family how it was. Well I can already guess how they answered, all positive. Don’t get me wrong positive feedback is a perfect stimulants to create more. But sometimes you need some honest pointers to create better. So after you create something like a short movie, organize a public screening and ask people how it was. Dare to receive bad comments, learn from them and be better next time.

Another thing I often did wrong, was focusing to hard on a project. When working on a long and intense project you often loose sight on the big picture or even the details. This influences the quality of the end result. So when you feel that you are stuck, don’t be afraid to stop for a short period to clear you mind. Take a short break like a one day holiday or even do another project. Just clear your mind and the new insights will come to you.

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