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5 Hacks for Video with Smartphone

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Cinematography & Filmmaking

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Tips and tricks with your smartphone for shooting creative videos. Simple hacks to create fun video effects with your iPhone or Android smartphone.

We all shoot video with our smartphone. Some only capture the jokes from grandma at the family party, others take it a step further and create stunning short-films with their device.

Over the past weeks we’ve been getting more and more comments from people who like to see a video on how to shoot better with their smartphone. And that’s actually easily answered; look for any film-making recourse. It doesn’t matter what camera you have. You need to learn the principles of compositions, framing, camera movement, lighting, etcetera.

Learning Cinematography

Just like any sport or craft, cinematography can only be understood after a lot of practice. Don’t wait with making films by saying “I’ll start when I have a proper camera”. No! You probably have a smartphone, so start shooting right now!

Make a fun short film with your friends and see what went well and what didn’t. Take the positive things with you and learn from the mistakes.

If you wanna get into the game faster, film school helps. But it’s not necessary. There’re many online resources from which you can learn the craft.

We also have a great online class that helps you from the very basics up to advanced practices. I can recommend to start this class for anyone who’s starting out or like to through the basics again to fresh things up. We’ve had many advanced users telling us they learned something that they didn’t knew before.


Special thank to Premiumbeat who’s supporting this episode. They’ve set up a playlist with fresh pop beats, that goes great for any uplifting edit. The song you’re hearing in the video also comes from playlist!

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