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5 Scary Filmmaking Tip & Tricks

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Cinematography & Filmmaking

Filmmaking, Halloween, Tips and Tricks

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Create a terrifying horror movie with these 5 filmmaking tips. Use storytelling, light and horror principles to scare everyone for Halloween.

Trick or treat! Today is the day we can scare you without feeling sorry or getting beat up, it’s Halloween. Last friday we already got in the horror mood when we made a copy cat video about 1 light and 5 horror setups. But today is the real deal! We made a very short horror movie and explain some tips on how to create one yourself.

We had a cool light send to us by Spiffy gear, the Spekular. It’s a versatile light that you can assemble in different kind of shapes and sizes. This light gave us the idea to create a horror movie with light as the evil presence. We wrote, shoot and edited the movie in two days. This was possible due to the mobile and easy Spekular light, prefect planning and our love for horror!

In our movie, we tried to avoid the typical horror cliches like demons, blood and gore and especially the jump scares. A tip I can give you when making a horror is don’t use jump scares all the time. This will make it less scary and will break the tension in your film. Like we mention in our tutorial, you need to build the tension in your movie. Keeping the audience guessing and building the tension adds to the fear. When you constantly break this tension with jump scares, it will make the audience dull and not tense enough for the final in your movie. So try to keep it to a minimum and use them on the right moments. And of course when you do use a jump scare, use it on something that is really scary and not a cat that passes by!

Happy haunting everyone and a scary Halloween!

Spiffy Light: Spekular

Spekular is a light that reshapes itself to your needs. Want a glamorous ring light look? Check! An edgy strip light? You got it! An LED panel for interviews? No problem!

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