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5 Insane Camera Tricks using a Rope

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Cinematography & Filmmaking

5 creative tricks, camera hacks, Camera Movements, camera tricks

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Creative camera tricks using a simple rope to achieve cinematic shots. Learn how to creatively use your camera to get insane camera shots.

Creative Camera Tricks

I’ve always been very intrigued with camera movements or special angles using simple things like a rope. When I started the YouTube channel back around 2013, I posted a video with ten creative slider tricks, which got a lot of attention and made me search more in that field.

So over the years we’ve made many videos with top lists using sliders, tripods, camera traps, household tools and much more to come up with creative ideas.

Camera Slider Tricks
10 Creative Slider Tricks (2013)

Rope Tricks

Using a simple rope can help you achieve some very creative camera shots. We build a special cage around our camera to help attach the rope to it. But you can also use the strap if you’re working with a DSLR or SLR camera. Just be careful that your camera is attached securely so that it won’t drop.

Camera Cage Rope
Custom Camera Cage around the RED Gemini


Big thanks to Hollyland for sponsoring this video. They provided us the MARS 400s and brand new MARS X which are wireless audio/video transmitters over both HDMI or SDI. This helped us pull off many of the tricks shown as we could always monitor what the framing and focus was.

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