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5 Nifty Camera Movements (tutorial)

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Cinematography & Filmmaking

Benro, Camera Movement, camera tricks

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5 easy and simple camera movement tricks that look amazing. Learn how to create cinematic camera movements handheld or on a tripod. Thanks to EmJay for the dancing!

It’s Creative Tuesday and this week we have something special for the New video or better, someone special. We asked a professional dancer, named EmJay, to help us out with a new video. You maybe know him from Arab Got Talent or Belgium Got Talent, were he competed through to the semi finals. He uses a very specific style of dancing calledpopping. Let’s say it’s dance where you need full control of you body. Not something we guys at Cinecom really have. As you all probably already saw in our previous videos, we are bad dancer, really bad. And now are you thinking,but why a dancer? Well we had the idea to make a video about camera movements, epic and unusual movements to be exact.

Movements in Filmmaking

And that’s where EmJay comes in. For our camera movements we needed a subject that had a lot of motion as the movements would respond with the motion. You can say that the motion of EmJay would emphasize our camera movements, thus working together. And this is something that is quite important in filmmaking. The movement you use for your camera needs to be thought through. As movements also tell stories and can really help you with creating a feeling. A great example for this is the slow track in on the subject, this is normally used when the subject is in some kind of distress. The track in will make the space round the subject smaller and smaller, boxing them in. This will create a claustrophobic atmosphere. It can also be used to emphasize emotions, as you go closer and closer to them.

Track In movements from Jaws
Hitchcock zoom in Jaws

Always keep in mind which movements you are doing with your camera. But also take the movements on screen into account.These can help you with guiding the point of interest of your viewers to the spot you want. When making a fast cut montage, you need to edit in such a way that the viewer recognizes everything instantly. This can be hard with so many flashing shots. But if you guide the eyes of the viewers to the right spot with every shot, you make it easier for them. Well movements from objects on screen can help here. If something moves from left to right, the eyes of the viewers will end on the right side of the screen. So in the next shot your most important subject needs to be on the right. You’ll then have guided the point of interest of the viewer to the spot you want.

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