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5 camera Transitions: Easy & Amazing

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Adobe Premiere Pro Tutorials, Cinematography & Filmmaking

camera transitions, Post Production, premiere pro

Create stunning camera transitions with only your camera or in post production. We’ve used 5 simple and fast tips and tricks to add more dynamic to your handheld shots.

The start of a new week, means a new Creative Tuesday tutorial. We love to do these 5 tips videos, because they can really help you to get better or work faster. In this video we are covering 5 camera transitions you can do in-camera or in post production. If you want to see more camera transitions like these, check out our previous video of 5 in-camera transitions.

The video I linked to is about transitions you all can do with just a camera and nothing more. But in this video, we are also covering transitions you need to adjust in post production or that you can only create in post. And example of such a transitions is using speedramping. You create two shots where you make a movement with your camera, but from something and somewhere different. Then in post production you make the end of one shot and the beginning of the other speed up and stick them together to get a smooth transition.

But as you probably noticed when filming and creating these transitions in-camera or in post. You have to plan a little when using transitions. You just can’t do a transitions whenever you like. You have to think about you edit while you are shooting. But not only the edit is important, also the objects that you are filming. The movement and position of a object can really emphasize the transition and make it work better. So always know why you are doing a transitions and ask yourself if it gives a certain added value.

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4 thoughts on “5 camera Transitions: Easy & Amazing”

  1. An update: I did not in any way wish to disparage the customer service offered by Vary-i. They’ve always answered my comments. The challenges still exist though. It is my hope that with the combined creativity of Cinecom.net and Vary-i that a solution can be found.

  2. Speaking of the Vary-I Cage….I bought one for my GH-4 to go along with the great multiangle LCD viewfinder/loupe it’s designed for.
    I like it EXCEPT the viewfinder is not able to turn straight up for the ground shots, IF you have any type of microphone plugged into the mic input. ALSO, there is no way to use the headphone jack in the camera-same issue.

    Wish they could fix this, cause who wants to not use a mic for good audio and who doesn’t want to monitor what you are recording? Maybe they’ll listen to you? 🙂

    • Good point. Guess if you’re shooting with audio it might not be the best cage. In fact, many cages and accessories go in front of the inputs.
      I also have the 8Sinn cage and have hooked up an external monitor, so I can close (and not use the GH5 LCD). This way ALL the ports are available.


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