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5 Tips for Filming an After Movie / Event Video

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Cinematography & Filmmaking

After Movie, Camera Tips, Filming Tips

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A professional after movie contains the right shots and scenes so that the viewer stays interested. These 5 tips will help you shoot a better after movie.

After Movies is one of the core production we do at Cinecom. That’s why we’d like to share several of our ideas and tips. An after movie has to stay interesting for the viewer. When we just capture the day, it’s usually not the case. That’s why we must think about the story we’d like to tell and not only be a cameraman but also a director on the event.

In this video tutorial we share 5 tips that could help you make better after movies. In the first tip we’ll cover ‘cliches’. These are very common shots or scenes that we must try to avoid. Try to look for interesting actions on the event and be creative with your shots. If that means putting things in scene, then do that. Something we cover in the second tip. Where we ask the guests to do something that helps you tell the story and engage the viewer.

In the third tip we’ll have a look how to implement some voice. Either from an actual speech at the event or perhaps from a small interview. Make sure it fits your story and that it will add an extra layer to your after movie. You can also work with music that has lead vocals.

The detail in your camerawork is very important and that’s something we’ll cover in the next tip. If your shot is not in focus, then take your shot again. It’s not because you’re covering an event that you can have bad camera shots. Shoot enough and your key shots again if possible.

And finally we’ll cover insert shots. These are small shots of things outside the event. Like a shot from the interior, the sun, etcetera. Such shots will help your editing more fluent and ads more emotion, dynamic to the after movie.

If you like to see some of our work, then visit the following playlist on Youtube:

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