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5 Tips to Shoot a One-Taker (ft. ZHIYUN Weebill-S)

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Cinematography & Filmmaking

Gimbal, Zhiyun, Zhiyun WEEBILL S

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Learn how to shoot a one-taker on a gimbal wit h these 5 simple and easy tips. Get a Cinecom studio tour shot on the Zhiyun WEEBILL-S in 1 take.

Whenever we get a package at the office Jordy or Yannick give it to me. I became the unbox guy and honestly I LOVE IT! It always feels like Christmas when I’m opening them.

The ZHIYUN Weebill-S

Recently we got a rather big one, upon opening it I saw that it was the Zhiyun WEEBILL-S. I got excited because I read so many good reviews about them and always had the urge to play around with it. The gimbal even came at the right time because that same weekend I was going to shoot an after movie.

I never played much around with gimbals because I prefer to shoot handheld. I also feel like most of them are way to big or the design just doesn’t work for me. This is why I loved using the WEEBILL-S. It’s small and light which makes it perfect for travel and the 2 different modes to hold the camera is amazing!

Gimbal hanging position
Gimbal upright position

The gimbal has A LOT of different modes like the pan follow mode, follow mode, point of view, lock, vortex and a GO mode which is pretty cool. It gives you a lot of freedom in your movements.

Something I didn’t do before the shoot and I highly recommend you to do is to download the app and adjust the sensitivity. Some people will be able to use the gimball right out of the box but for me the sensitivity was a bit off for my personal preference.

All by all I loved using this product and will definitely bring it back with me on my next shoot.

Cinecom Complete Bundle

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