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5 Tips to Prepare your next Video Shoot

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Cinematography & Filmmaking

Pre-Production, Prepare, Tips and Tricks

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Learn how to prepare your next video production for a faster workflow. Save time, focus on being creative and improve the quality of your work.

Creating a movie or a YouTube video can be challenging and can ask a lot of time. There are a lot of elements that come together and you need to guide them in the right direction. But sometimes there will be to much elements to consider and it will be to much to handle. However with some preparation and planning you can save time while shooting and avoid unnecessary problems. In this tutorial we explain the tips we use when preparing for a production.

Besides our tips from the video, it is also smart to think about your budget. Making a film is time consuming, but will also need a budget to complete. Most of the time your actors will have to be paid and the longer you film the more expensive it will become. So try to look for friends who can act or go to a acting school and ask the beginner students if they want some experience. Your gear will also cost some money. My tip for buying a camera is took look at what you want to achieve with your hardware. You are perfectly able to buy a camera for 300$, but don’t expect it to preform like a camera around the 2000$. So in my opinion is better to save for a while a go for that bigger and better camera then to settle with a cheaper version.

If you don’t have a budget on you own, you can always try to find sponsors. Maybe there’s somebody out there willing to support your dream and ready to help you with your movie. When looking for these sponsors it is also wise to make a sort of budget plan. This shows how much money is needed and on what you will spend it on. Without this document you will most likely never convince a sponsor to help you.

Have a plan what to do after your project is complete. What do you want to achieve with you movie? Is it just for YouTube or do you want to show it in theaters? Do your homework and before completing it talk with theaters or maybe even museums to show your work. If you want to keep your audience as big as possible, YouTube will be your best choice. But remember that just posting the video won’t be enough. If you want people to find your video, you have to have a strategy and maybe even do some advertising.

Obviously when filming you’ll encounter some challenging situations, but like i said, preparation will take you a long way and will make your life a whole lot easier. But mostly it will give you more time during the shoot, which you can then spend on being more creative with your shots and let’s you focus on the quality of the whole picture.

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