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5 Tricks to Light a Scene with Mirrors

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Cinematography & Filmmaking

5 Tips, Lighting, mirrors

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This tutorial video covers 5 simple ways to light a scene/subject by using sunlight and a mirror. Great techniques  if you’re low on budget.

 To light a scene you don’t always need actual lights. There’re many reflectors with different shapes and materials that each give a unique lighting theme. This tutorial specifically targets mirrors as they reflect almost 100% the light source, which makes them perfect for outdoor situations.

Yes there’re LED lights that give great power from a battery, but that can’t even be compared to the intensity of a sun reflection in a mirror. This makes these glass plates perfect for long shots where you need your lights to stand from a big distance.

Important to understand when working with mirrors is the size. You can use a small pocket mirror, but the light beam will be just as small. Typical film spots illuminate larger areas, even though the actual bulb is just tiny. That’s because of the armature which also reflects the light inside making that happen.

If you want you can shine the mirror reflection into a diffusor to increase the area, but that requires some extra stands and clamps.

In the third tip of this video we show the use of a mirror during an overcast day. Click here to learn more tips when filming during an overcast day.

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