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7 Video Hacks when Stuck at Home

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Cinematography & Filmmaking

camera hacks, Cinematography, Hacks, list of 7, Tips and Tricks

Make your videos more cinematic with using common household objects. 7 Fast and easy cinematography hacks in this video tutorial for shooting at home.

Every day objects for everyday use, we can’t live without them anymore. And to be honest we really take them for granted. For instance a colander, without it our sink would constantly be full with spaghetti. Yes in my world we eat spaghetti everyday. But besides keeping my delicious spaghetti safe you can also use it as a film making tool. Just like a lot of other household tools you have laying around.

And you can really be as creative as you want. Heck you can even make your own slider with cardboard. Definitely check out Jordy’s video about how to make your own film gear with just Cardboard. It’s the best thing to keep you occupied during this lock-down. Now that I think of it, it’s sad that you can’t build your own 8K camera with just cardboard, otherwise I would already have ten cameras laying around. But we can all say that cardboard is the best.

Cardboard Robot Arms Cosplay
Cardboard Robot Arms Cosplay

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