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How I’ve build my green screen studio

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Cinematography & Filmmaking

Green Screen, Lighting, Studio

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See how I’ve built my green screen studio with cheap lights, some DIY stuff and more expensive materials for an ideal good bang for buck studio.

On our Q&A and other videos some of you asked how I’ve built my green screen studio. So we made a video about it! Since I believe that there’re already many tutorials out there that teaches you how to do a proper green key, I decided to just give a quick tour around my studio. In this video I will show the materials I’ve used and where to pay attention to.

In the first part of this video we’ll have a look at the green screen itself and how to light it properly. I’ve chosen to work with DIY fluorescent lights. These are soft and good in length to cover the whole sreen. When having a larger screen you might want to add an additional fluorescent fixture in the top middle. This light is attached to a DIY railing system. You can also purchase these or make something with wooden dowels.

On these railings I use tube clamps to attach lights to, like my two redhead soft-boxes. I would suggest to work with LED lights, but they are still pretty expensive. So for a perfect color rendering I use tungsten lights with a CTB or blue filter to neutralize the color temperature.

Finally we’ll go over the Auralex foam panels to absorb the sound and reduce the echo. These are fireproof, which I find very important.

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