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10 Camera movement on a Budget (Camera Hacks)

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Cinematography & Filmmaking

camera hacks, Camera Movement

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10 camera hacks to achieve cinematic movement using handheld tricks or household tools. Learn how to move your camera in this tutorial video.

Cinematic Camera Movement

Camera movement looks a lot more dynamic than static shots. Although a static shot can tell an amazing visual story with the right composition, videos for social media usually look a lot better with camera movement.

The easiest way to move your camera is by taking it in your hand. For action scenes, having this handheld shake is all good, but not so much for other genres. This is why you always want to find ways to get a more stable camera movement.

Expensive equipment like sliders, gimbals, dollys, crane and what more can help with that. But we don’t always have that laying around.

Camera Falling
Dropping an expensive ARRI camera rigged onto a steadicam

Camera Hacks

As a students you’ll find yourself reaching out a lot to camera hacks. I would actually do these all the time back when I was a student. We made tons of short films and videos, and with every project I was building something in the garage to get a certain movement done.

DIY Steadicam
Jordy Vandeput (student years) using a DIY Steadicam

In today’s video we don’t build that much, but rather use our creativity to use simple objects to achieve smooth camera movements.

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