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cheapest video camera review on amazon

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Cinematography & Filmmaking

Camera Review, Cheap Camera, Fimmaking, low budget film gear

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I’ve ordered the cheapest video camera you can find on Amazon. How good is the Vivitar handy-cam and should you buy one too? Find out all our tests in this camera review video.

For this Creative Tuesday we are doing something something quite different. We are doing a sort of camera review. And if you know us, we don’t really do reviews. But we saw this camera online and really had to do this. It’s also a little bit because you guys like to challenge us and ask a lot about budget filmmaking. Like which is the best cheapest camera or filmmaking tips for your smartphone. So this review of the cheapest camera on Amazon fits perfectly in there. Now let’s see how he does in the field.

When we unboxed the Vivitar camera, we were surprised by it’s size. It’s really small, like it’s a mini camera. And from first sight not that sturdy, you see that they saved money on the build. I wouldn’t recommend dropping this camera as it won’t survive the drop. Of course, I would never recommend dropping you camera. That would be silly. As for the viewfinder screen, well it isn’t so great. So we can’t really go out from that. However I want to say that the resolution quality is good, but then I would be lying. They tell you, you can film in 1080p and that’s true. But the frame rate is quite low, so it’s not really usable. Luckily the frame rate from the 720p  settings are 29 fps, so we can work with that.

After the short usage of the camera I can concluded that it’s not good at all. But for what we paid, it’s a quite decent camera and it works. It’s perfect for children from around 5 years old, who want to start film-making. Obviously you won’t give them your expensive camera, so this is the perfect alternative.

Video Camera Drop Test
Camera Drop Test

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