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Cheapest Light for Video – Tips and Tricks

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Cinematography & Filmmaking

Cheap, Lighting, Tips & tricks

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The look of professional lighting can be cheap. This tutorial shows the cheapest light solution and how to use it for professional results.

Light is almost as important as the camera you’re filming with. You can say more about a scene with the color of the light, the shadows or general look and feel then words can describe. With the correct light setup you can completely control the mood and atmosphere of the scene and bring your video to a more professional look. In one of our previous videos we explain the three point lighting technique that creates more depth within a scene.

But as you probably already know, professional lighting is expensive and if you’re a beginning filmmaker or a hobbyist, it’s not so easy to buy a good light kit. So in this tutorial we’re explaining how to use construction lights as a cheap alternative. These tips are from my own experience, as my first light setup was made out of two construction lights. They helped me perfectly in the start of my student years at film school.

Also we’re covering some tips on how to use color filters to modify your color temperature. Most common household lamps are Tungsten and give a natural warm yellowish light. But if you want to create a natural daylight color, you can use a blue color filter (or full CTB) to achieve this effect. With a wide of colors filters and combinations, it’s possible to create different style and moods.

Experimenting is key to success!


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