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Cinematic Footage With Lens Flares

Published on

Cinematography & Filmmaking

Anamorphic flares, cinematic flares, Cinematography, Flares, how to use, Tips and Tricks

Learn the basics on how you can use lens flares to make your footage look cinematic. Use Adobe Premiere Pro to create and change you own custom Light Leaks and make your work stand out.

Hello you guys and welcome to another Creative Tuesday. In this weeks tutorial we are going to explain the uses of flares in movies. How they can help to your story by emphasizing certain important lights. The mood they create when you use them in your scene. But we also explain how you can create them yourself and how to use stock footage flares. But the over use of flares can also have a negative impact on your movie. It will make the flares meaningless and they will lose their power. So like with every movie effect, try to keep it simple and don’t over do it!

This week we have some sad news! Lorenzo’s internship is over and he left us. He went to go back to school to finish his last year on the university. But a little light point in the darkness of him leaving, is that he made pizzas for us! Which you can see as a bribe for good points. But we really love pizza, so we can live with it!!

But we also have some good news! We are doing a big Give-away. Like you probably already knew, we hit the 500k mark and want to celebrate it with you. So that’s why we are giving something back for all you support.  You can participate till the third of June. So if you want to win awesome prices, I would definitely urge to compete. Who knows, maybe you’ll win the main price which is a Ultra Wide Lg monitor.

RocketStock – Lucent Precise

Lucent Precise will give your next project an ultra-modern aesthetic look with the collection of 110 sharp, blue-hued lens flares. Stylish, elegant and undeniably cool, Lucent Precise is a must-have addition to your video editing toolkit.

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