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Camera Tips when Filming Alone

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Cinematography & Filmmaking

5 camera tips to shoot cinematic video when you’re alone, even when you’re acting yourself. Learn how to create cinematic camera movements, tips and tricks without touching the camera.

Usually Yannick writes these articles but since he’s enjoying his well deserved vacation in Sri Lanka. I, Lorenzo will be sharing my thoughts in the next few articles. In this video Jordy gave some tips and tricks on how to film if you’re alone. Next to the tips that Jordy gave I would like to share some of myself. Besides Cinecom I also make videos for Sector One which is a Belgian Esports team which competes in different games. This weekend I’ll be joining them to a LAN party, this is a gathering of people who take their computers to play games together for fun or to compete.

Crowded LAN Party
LAN Party at FoM

The biggest struggle of filming at these events is that it’s very dark and the only light you have is that of the computer monitors. You could solve this by setting up your light but this is really difficult since there is such little space. So what I always do is film the people from the other side of the monitor or at a slight angle. This way I can use the light of the monitor as a key light so my subject will be visible.

Key light from a monitor
Monitor used as key light

Another tip I want to give you guys is to have a small led panel or flashlight with you, even the flash of your smartphone will do. This is because you will have situations where you can’t use the light of the monitors to light up your subject properly. So since the light is so small you can easily hold it in one hand and the camera in the other.

Phone light as fill
Adding light with my phone

Although you are alone at these events don’t be afraid to ask for help. For example ask people to put certain things in scene so you can get the perfect shots. Most people don’t mind and love to be in the videos of the events they go to.

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