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How I made this Commercial with Simple VFX

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Cinematography & Filmmaking

breakdown, commercial, VFX

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Using simple VFX and a motion controlled camera I made a commercial video for an MSI computer. A breakdown of my workflow.

Simple VFX

When working in Adobe After Effects, VFX doesn’t have to be complicated. It just has to look good. So often times, simple ideas could turn out amazing.

To enhance my video commercial for the MSI P100X computer, I decided to work with a blue energy. Without looking too far, I simply created a mask and animated it’s path using the stroke effect.

Once you got that in place, you can tweak that stroke to your likings by adding a glow effect to it. I mostly worked with the glow effects from Red Giant, but you don’t have to. With the build in tools, you can already get stunning results.

GPU Glow Effects in After Effects
Glow Effect on a Mask Path (Adobe After Effects)

Motion Controlled

I don’t often use the Edelkrone Head ONE modules that we have in the studio, but that’s a pity. THese modules are actually super awesome! You just pair them together through their app and you’ve got a full pan/tilt & slide controller.

With some creativity you could even build a rig onto the modules and have your camera rotate around or do other crazy movements. Do note that the motors aren’t so strong, so you might need to balance the weight or work with smaller cameras.

Edelkrone HeadONE
Custom Rig for Camera Rotation on the Edelkrone HeadONE


Big thanks to Storyblocks for their sponsorship and incredible library! I was able to download some lens flares to enhance my energy glow effect. From their growing stock library I can download unlimited video assets without extra fees. I highly recommend to check them out!

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