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corporate filmmaking: things you need to know

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Cinematography & Filmmaking

Corporate Video, How to create, Tips and Tricks

Learn how to use light, camera movement, stage setting and motion design to create an epic corporate video for you clients.

Working in the film industry isn’t always making films for the big screen. You can find most of the work in the advertising and communication sector. Every day there are thousands of people who start a new company. And you guessed it, these companies need advertising and a corporate video to promote themselves. This is also something we do often, besides Youtube we create advertisement and promotional business videos. So that’s why we wanted to share our experience and tips with you in this tutorial how you can create an epic corporate video to impress your clients and customers.

When you just started with making corporate videos, the first thing you need to know is that it works more or less like a regular video. You always start with a plan to make your production as smooth as possible. Plan everything to the smallest details. Like every movie, you have to have a story. This doesn’t has to be Oscar winning story, but a guideline for what you want to say about the company. Always remember that you have to have a beginning (establishing shot), middle (what the do) and an end (an epic closer). This will create structure and feeling of a story line.

A very important aspect of creating a corporate video is knowing who your audience is. Every company is different and has another audience with other interests. Do your research to find out how to reach out to the correct audience for maximum effect. It is best to do this in collaboration with the company you are working for. They often already know their target audience and can make you research easier. So when creating your story and video, focus on the customer and how to convince them.

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