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5 ways to use a motion controlled slider

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Cinematography & Filmmaking

5 Tips, Creative Tuesday, Motion control, Motorized Slider, Slider, Syrp

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Take your motion controlled slider to unique places to capture stunning cinematic shots. These 5 camera tips are easy and simple. We use the Genie II and magic carpet pro slider from Syrp.

Today we have a special guest in our Creative Tuesday video, he is going to help us with this week’s tips and tricks. Please let me introduce you to the Magic Carpet Pro slider from Syrp. This is a heavy duty slider with the possibility to expand in length. But that’s not all, it can also be fitted with a motion control pan & tilt head, the Genie II. Something we definitely need for this week’s video. Because we are going to show you 5 tips what can by using motion controlled slider.

In the professional film making world, motion control is often used. As it’s super handy when you are doing compositing shots. When you want to place a subject in a different scene or environment, you can do this in a static shot or make it more cinematic and add a movement to it. When you want to add a movement, this movements need to be the same in the subject shot as in the environment shot. This is very crucial as the two shots are going be matched in post production. So the movements needs to be the same, otherwise the audience will notice.

Also when taking about motion control in the professional world, they tend to take it a step further then a slider. You probably already heard from a Bolt Camera robot arm. This is a tool for next level motion control shots and can really do anything you can imagine. However these arms are quite expensive and not accessible for the common filmmakers. But we can dream of course.

Bolt Robot Arm Motion Control
Cinebot crane

Syrp, Genie II motion control

The Genie II from Syrp will transform any slider into a motion control device, making your dream shots a reality. Completely re-designed from the ground up, with a focus on simplifying setup and portability. There’s no need to ever go without Motion Control again.

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