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Creative shots with a Mobile Gimbal (AIBird UoPlay)

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Cinematography & Filmmaking

AIBird, Mobile Gimbal, UoPlay

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Mobile gimbals are hot with the new announcement of the DJI Osmo Mobile Gimbal. We on the other hand are looking at the less popular UoPlay from AIBird.

At the same price of the DJI Osmo mobile gimbal, we find the AIBird UoPlay. Since we haven’t got the DJI in our hands yet, we’ll not be making a review this time. The Chinese UoPlay work great and does what it suppose to do. There’s nothing more to say about this product.

It works with either your smartphone or any action camera like a GoPro. When using it with your smartphone you can connect the mobile gimbal to it via Bluetooth. It then allows you to control your camera with the handle or an additional remote.

Some special feature are the different modes the mobile gimbal can work in:

  1. Semi-Follow mode locks the tilt, but follows the pan.
  2. Follow mode both follows the tilt and the pan.
  3. Lock mode locks your device in place and you are free to turn your hand.

The people at AIBird claims that the UoPlay has a unique feature where you’re able to put the camera into vertical shooting. Any extra feature is nice, but I’m not sure if I’ll be using it that much. Vertical video really has a specific goal. For example; if you’re making video only for Facebook mobile users, then I could see a benefit as many people hold their phone vertical. But in other situation, I would suggest to just shoot horizontal 🙂

Further in this video we share several tips and tricks to make better (and creative) shots with a mobile gimbal and your phone. Follow this link if you wish to purchase the UoPlay.

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