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DIY Green Screen setup at home: Low Budget

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Cinematography & Filmmaking

Cheap, DIY, Green Screen

Learn how to set up a green screen in your garage or at home and get professional results on a small budget and household tools.

A good green key studio is the foundation of a successful Chroma key. The footage you make in a good studio will be easier to key in post production and will save you time while editing your project. So it’s better to take your time with the setup and lighting than to try and fix it in post.

There are different ways to set up a professional green key studio, if you have the means you can go for professional gear. But in this tutorial we are showing you the DIY low budget way to achieve the wanted setup. If you are creative and a little handy, creating things yourself has of course the financial  advantage.  An example for a famous DIY project is the camera slider made by Film Riot. In our DIY project, we used household tools we found in the garage. For lighting we also used the cheapest option to stay within the low budget theme. But again, use whatever you can find not every household has the same tools.

DIY setup green screen low budget

Green is the most used color for Chroma key, but what if your talent is wearing green? To avoid that you key out parts of your talent, you can choose the other color used for chroma key, blue. These two colors are used because they differ most from the human skin tone colors. But green is favored and more used, because digital cameras are more sensitive to green light and will give a better result.

In this tutorial we create a more mobile setup that you can easily move or dismantle if needed. But if you have the room and the means, you can always opt to create a permanent green screen studio like we build at our work space. If you are going for a permanent studio, there is also the option to use Chroma color paint which is the alternative for a fabric and commonly used by larger production houses. But this requires a smooth wall, so if that is an issue you better be safe and choose for a green fabric


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3 thoughts on “DIY Green Screen setup at home: Low Budget”

  1. Jordy,
    I hope you don’t mind this question, but my Creative Cloud subscription will soon expire due to a shortage of funds. However, I still will have Camtasia 9 and Adobe Premiere Elements 15. Are there any YouTube channels you could recommend that increase my video editing expertise and deepen my skills with those two programs? I will definitely continue subscribing to Cinecom because I like the content and the encouragement I get when watching your video tutorials.
    Best Wishes to you, Kim, and your new partner!
    Dale Saylor

    • Hi Dale,

      Unfortunate to hear you’ll have to quit with the Adobe suite. I don’t know anyone who makes content about those programs, so I can only suggest to do some searches. But mostly is still learned from creating many videos and trying out different things.

      I hope you can return back to creative cloud some day! Best wishes to you too!


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