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what’s a hi-hat tripod? benro review in normandy

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Cinematography & Filmmaking

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I rigged up my Panasonic GH5 and took the Benro Hi-Hat tripod for an unforgettable vacation to Normandy. My journey of a beautiful place.

Over the years I’ve had many tripod, going from heavy duty to small table pods. But Benro did surprise me with their Hi-Hat tripod. Unlike a normal low profile stand, this one has the functionality of a conventional tripod.

You can change the size, swap leg supports and the legs even extend a little. It doesn’t matter on which surface you put this tripod, it will stand sturdy!

When Benro sent me this tripod, I was just leaving for vacation so I took it with me. I decided to only bring this tripod with me and no other equipment., not even a slider. This way I forced myself into using the tripod and looking for creative ways to use it.

Normandy, France is a beautiful place. The wide open spaces, cliffs and beaches are enormous. And usually I’m not the persons who’s interested in the history behind a place, but when it involves the war it does. Being a big fan of the Band of Brother series and the first Call of Duty game, it made me silent.

The war seemed to be something heroic, a victory for the alliance. But when you walk through the military cemeteries there’s only one thing that goes through your mind; ‘this was ridiculously pointless’. There’s no victory here, only grief of young man who died. Young Germans who took orders and though they where doing the right thing.


When I got back from vacation I immediately went to the cinema to watch Dunkirk. Not a film that is appreciated by the big crowd, but a masterpiece for anyone who’s into cinematography and visual storytelling. I never felt so involved in a film. Director of Photographer Christopher Nolan did an amazing job of bringing the viewer into the war and creating a true cinema experience. If you have the chance to watch this film while it’s in theaters, please do!


We’d like to thank Benro for their support and great products! Click here to find out more about the Benro Hi-Hat 100 AV and S8 head. For a more travel friendly solution I can recommend the Benro Aero 7, which we also did a video about.

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    • I’d say shooting. If you don’t have the right shots or they’re not exposed correctly, color grading won’t be able to fix it. There’s this say on sat when you’e under time pressure; ‘we’ll fix it in post’. Well, never say that 😉


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