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How to clean your camera lens

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Learn how to clean your dirty camera lens in a real life situation. This means fast with a minimum of tools. Well, at least one microfiber cloth.

I know, there’re already many videos that show you how to clean your lens. But none of them show you how to do it in a real situation.

When you’re in the middle of a shoot, you don’t have the tools nor the time to take your lens for a detailed cleanup. It has to go fast with a minimum of tools. Canned air for example is something we don’t always have around. Most people will also not recommend using this. Although I always say; use your common sense. And that’s what this video is all about.

You don’t need expensive tools to clean your lens, just one simple microfiber cloth of which you can by multiple of and put in any camera bag or case you have.

Start by gently blowing on your lens to clean off the dust. Do this at a correct distance with a clean mouth, pay attention that you don’t spit.

Then take out your clean microfiber cloth and turn in circles. Start from the middle op your lens and slowly turn to the outside. This is the best way to evenly push away the stains. This technique was also recommended by lens manufacturer Canon.

And lastly, never use any liquids. Some liquids could harm your lens coating or do other damage. Most stains will go off with a simple microfiber cloth. If you can’t get it clean with that, then use those wet glasses wiper cleaners that have alcohol in them so the liquid will vaporize fast.

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