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How to make a Playful Food Tutorial (stop motion)

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Cinematography & Filmmaking

Create a delicious cooking video with stop-motion techniques and fast editing in Premiere Pro. Make your audience hungry with your recipes showed in a stunning way.

It’s Creative Tuesday, but I think we can better call it delicious Tuesday this week. We are going to explain how you can create those yummy cooking videos. You all have probably seen a cooking video on Facebook or YouTube where they cook a meal in 2 minutes and everything appears magically. We in this weeks video we are going to show how they do it and how you can recreate it.

You could have probably guessed it, but most of the videos are done in stop-motion. This makes it easier to create a fast montage without jumpers in your video. For example, you need to peel a carrot. If you film this and want to keep it in a fast cut edit, you’ll need multiple cameras and angles. But when you do this with stop-motion, you can make the peel disappear with just leaving out the peeling photos. So you just make photo’s where you are going to the carrot and touch it and pooof the peel is gone. It’s just that simple!

And I can already read your mind, “again with the stop-motion?”. Well it is a well known technique that is used more often then you think. Especially these days with the new stop-motion from Wes Anderson, Isle of Dogs. So We couldn’t stay behind with the trend and wanted to enrich you with our thoughts about the technique.

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