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How to Stay Creative

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Cinematography & Filmmaking

What is creativity? In this video I share what’s going on in my mind and how I stay creative as a full time Youtuber. Being a content creator often comes with stress, so I challenge myself to learn something new everyday. That’s where my inspiration comes from.

Creative greetings to all you creative filmmakers and welcome to Creative Tuesday. As you can probably already guess, today is all about being and staying creative. In today’s video, we explain how we create our YouTube videos and how we keep our creativity. Or in better words, Jordy tells you how he stays creative. I (Yannick) on the other hand can give you an insight on my creative process through this article.

The first thing I can say about being creative is never stop being a student. Always be eager to learn new things and open yourself up to the unknown. If you are stubborn and always keep to the familiar things, you’ll never improve. You need change to keep it all creative. It’s a little bit like food, you can eat you favorite meal every day. But after a while it will get boring and will even taste bad. So spice it up, watch a movie you normally won’t watch, go to a place you never went to before. Explore the unknown.

Another thing that helps me with my creative process, is shutting every out when brainstorming. Sometimes you need some peace and quiet to let you brain really work. What I then sometimes do is take a walk or a jog, but most of the time I lay on my bed staring at the ceiling. You completely shut off yourself off from any distraction like your mobile phone and just think. It’s not always necessary to purely focus on your topic. Let you mind wonder and you’ll be amazed with the connections your brain makes!

And the last tip I can give you is be a sponge! Soak in everything that you see, hear and smell. Everything around you can be inspiring. Use the environment to your benefit, learn from it and let it feed your creativity.


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