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iFootage Mini Crane M1 III (jib) Review

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Cinematography & Filmmaking

Ifootage, Jib, Mini-Crane

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A review about the iFootage Mini Crane M1-III. We took this camera jib to test and shared our experience in this review video.

We took the iFootage mini crane M1 III (3) to a quick shoot to test it out and make a review. We decided to film everything on the mini crane or jib.

While setting it up we discovered very quickly how easy it was and that we didn’t need any tools.

The crane attaches to a 75mm bowl which I found a great idea. This allowed me to use my Sachtler head on the endpoint of the mini-crane/jib.

Having my Sachtler head on the end, I was able to pan and tilt very smoothly. Allowing me to make very dynamic shots.

With the camera attached to it and being fully extended, the mini crane was starting to get pretty heavy as I needed much counterweight. But that wasn’t a problem for the strong carbon fiber material.

The iFootage mini crane also came with a low profile quick release plate. You can attach this to the front end to make your camera sit very low to the ground. And when you attach it upside down, you can even put your camera on the ground.

This review video was an assignment from iFootage, but they gave us all the honest freedom.

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