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Konova Stability Arms Review

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Cinematography & Filmmaking

Konova, Slider, Stability Arms

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The Konova Stability Arms gives a steady support to your slider. No need for light stands or two tripods. We had the chance to test and review these arms.

We work with both the Konova slider and the Kessler Cineslider. When the production is bigger and we shoot on larger cameras like the Sony FS700, we tend to use the Kessler slider more. It has some more features and it’s very sturdy to carry these heavier cameras. But a big problem we always bumped into was that our single tripod couldn’t handle the weight of the larger slider and camera. So we had to support it with two light stands on the end. It’s a solution, but not a good one. Moving the camera to different places gets very clumsy. (that’s why I prefer small cameras).

Luckily Konova came with a great and affordable solution. They where already showcasing this product at IBC 2014, but now it was ready to ship and we where able to get them first in exchange for a review 🙂

We took the arms to a film production to see how it could hold during a real shooting. The experience was amazing. The arms are lightweight and easy to setup. They gave enormous good support to our slider. We are very satisfied with the arms and will use them in every production from now on.

The stability arms will work on most sliders. You don’t need a Konova slider. But it’s alwyas best to pop Konova an email if you’re not sure about this.

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