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Lighting for Video

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Cinematography & Filmmaking

aputure, arri, led, lee filter, lighting your video, lights, spiffy gear, tungsten

Which lights Are best for video?

Tungsten lighting is the highest quality light you can get. They aren’t so practical, but you can find these lights very cheap. LED Lights are very energy efficient and have a long lifespan. They also don’t overheat, so it’s safe to work with. But be aware that you don’t buy LEDs that are cheap, they often have kind of a green tint to them. You could use a magenta filter to counter the green tint.

As creative film makers we use lighting to set a mood and make any shot visually more attractive. In this collection we combined every light we use on a daily base for our productions.

LED Lights

Aputure 35′ Light Dome for 120d

A nice big softbox that goes onto the 120d. Our go-to key/fill light!

35′ Grid for Aputure Light Dome

For more control over your soft lighting from the Aputure Dome, you’ll need this grid to avoid too much spill.

Aputure Light Storm LS C120d

Our favorite light! The 120d has a great power output that can still be run on a single V-mount battery. The bowens mount also allows for any (third-party) accessory, such as a softbox.

Aputure Light Storm LS 1s Daylight

These were the first LED panels we got. Staying within the Aputure brand, we can use their remote to group and control the different lights. LED-panels are great for practicals, back-light or even a key-light.

Spiffy Gear
Spekular Kit

These lights are the must have lights when you are building sets! They are very customizable and can create all kinds of shapes! Perfect for practical lighting! 

Light and Motion Stella Pro 5000 RF

These lights are the latest addition to our lighting family! And boy are they awesome! They are super small and yet powerful, waterproof and they work on an internal battery!! And that last one makes them insane! We mostly use them as a backlight, or on places where we can just attach them with a super-clamp.

Tungsten lights

Strand Castor 2KW

A powerful 2000w Fresnel light. Perfect to light out larger scenes or when working with various filters.

AS ARRI Lighting

These are knockoffs from the ARRI brand. The build is not amazing, but for the price you get a pretty good light. All of these are tungsten and come in different outputs.

Red Head

Also called ‘open face’ as they don’t have that Fresnel lens. High output and relative small for its brightness.

Which filters to use?

When lighting your subject, you don’t just point lights at it. Sometimes you want to do something more, something special! With these lighting filters you can color your light from daylight to tungsten to whatever color you want. Definitely a must have when lighting!
It’s always nice to have Full CTB filters, a blue filter or gel to transform the yellow tungsten color of these lights to daylight. But on the otherhand it’s also nice to have CTO filters to counter lights that are too blue.

Cheap Lighting for starters

Fresnel Tungsten Light Kit

These lights are knock-offs from the ARRI brand. Their build quality is not the greatest, but do do cost 10 times less!

I’ve had these lights for about 5 years and they still work! And since you’re working with tungsten, the light quality is perfect.

This kit has 2x 650W and 2x 1000w lights, including dimmers.

Air Cushioned Light Stand – 13′

This is not the cheapest light stand, but from experience I would also recommend to get at least this one.

It can hold some more weight (definitely when putting your light up high), they are air cushioned to spare your lights from breaking and it comes with a detachable spigot allowing you to mount your lights or other gear also sideways.

2 thoughts on “Lighting for Video”

  1. hi guys I’m music video director from Africa so I juste need help I don’t know what kind of light should I buys I’m so confused 🤷‍♂️ what’s your advice about that please?

    • You need to buy a whole bunch of different lights, basicly like Jordy listed above. As you did not describe your working environment I cannot give out a specific list. But if you work more outdoor you should at least need two Tungsten Lights and two LED. And if you work more indoor you need like 3-4 different LED lights and at most one Tungsten Light. Hope that helps


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