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This is my Biggest Inpiration

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Cinematography & Filmmaking

How we work, Inspiration, Tips and Tricks

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My inspiration sources that help me with my creative workflow. Tips and tricks how you can keep yourself inspired during projects.

When creating something like graphic design, videos or even a painting, you always need inspiration. This can come out forth out of everything.  From watching tv, reading a book, talking to a person, … It doesn’t really matter what it is and will be different for everyone. For instance in this video we explain what inspires Jordy and where he gets his inspiration for his video work. But in the article I (Yannick) will explain how I get inspired and what helps me in my creative workflow.

The first inspiration are a few of my friends, which help me brainstorm and can shine a new perspective on the project. When I’m doing a project I often start on my own and think of a few ideas. Then I meet with 2 of my closest friends to show them the ideas. Because they are more objective towards the project and look at it from the viewer perspective, they can give me different insights. This helps me to think outside the box and has often helped me to achieve the best result possible.

Another thing I always do isn’t really an inspiration source, but really helps me with brainstorming. I know it’s probably very cliche, but classical music helps me a lot when I need to focus. So when I need to brainstorm, I turn on the classical music in my room away from all the distractions and purely focus on the project. One of my favorite classical musicians is Max Richter, he can really create a feeling and atmosphere with his music. And of course the music will inspire you to in some way.

The last inspiration source I’m going to mention is my environment. I find my surrounding very inspiring. And with this I mean everything, from a walk in the park or city, a car ride and even a film I just watched. This all can have a impact on your way of thinking and will definitely inspire you. A tip I can give you is take a lot of pictures of things you come across. For example when you are walking in the city and see an awesome graffiti painting or a cool sticker, take a picture from it. When you always do this you will create a inspiration library and will really help you in future projects.


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2 thoughts on “This is my Biggest Inpiration”

  1. Future seems to be on your side, so let the Force be with you guys as well… 🙂 Great inspirational stuff, even my wife loves to watch your tutorials! Thanks!


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