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Proaim Smart Camera Slider Review

Published on

Cinematography & Filmmaking

Camera Slider, Proaim, Review

The Proaim Smart is a portable camera slider which has a friction to allows very smooth movements. But lets take it to the test in this review video.

It was very interesting to test out a similar slider to my Konova. I love the form factor and I was really looking forward to try the friction feature of the Proaim slider.

The unboxing and first look where very positive. The build quality pleased me, it comes with a nice (but little oversized) bag and the sliding went very smooth. A perfect score, but how will it perform in the field? My Konova slider has proven itself to still work great after five intensive years.

The Proaim smart slider is made out aluminum. This makes it lightweight, but also more harmful. The bearings from the camera plate roll on an open platform on the aluminum, so you have to be careful that no dust gets on to it or any scratches happen.

The sliding experience is awesome! I’ve only used bigger slider like the Kessler that have a friction. But being able to do such controlled movements on a smaller slider is a blessing. It’s not very often that you need full speed on a slider, so the Proaim smart slider is for most applications perfect.

From using the slider for a couple of weeks I can say that I love to use it. It’s my number one slider at the moment. But will it last for several years? That’s a questions only time can tell 🙂

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